Your pet stays comfortable and cozy in our well-insulated facility even in chilly weather.  There are plenty of dog beds and blankets for snuggling and snoozing wherever ” and whenever” they choose.

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Our guests arrive in all shapes and sizes. We provide a welcome stay for just about any companion animal.

Our dog facility is designed to provide your pet with fresh air and natural light in safe and sanitary surroundings. Our outdoor area, monitored by our staff, accommodates exercise. Our approach of socializing and multiple, daily playtimes is designed to offer your pet activities for their enjoyment as well as reduce any stress a pet may experience while away from home.

Our cat boarding facilities include "kitty condos" which includes scratching posts, toys, cozy sleeping baskets and climbing structures. We do not crate cats, preferring instead to have them in as home-like an environment as possible. As with dogs, we are happy to comply with your kitty's normal feeding requirements. Cats receive a lot of human attention (just like the dogs) and are provided time to roam our reception area periodically.

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